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The United Kingdom’s state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking research are at the forefront of the push towards a carbon-neutral economy. Participate in the green revolution by engaging in investment and trade with UK industries.

Your guide for establishing an international business in the United Kingdom.

The ideal moment to make an investment in the United Kingdom has arrived. If you’re prepared to advance your business, here’s a guide on how to proceed.
1. Set up a company in the UK

You can establish a private limited company in the United Kingdom online within a mere 24 hours, or alternatively, register a branch of your existing company in approximately 4 weeks.

2. Apply for a UK visa

When planning to work or visit the UK for business purposes, you might need to apply for a UK visa.

3. Open a UK business bank account

Opting for this will enable your business to send and receive payments in the UK without incurring foreign exchange charges. While it isn’t obligatory by law, it will facilitate transaction monitoring.

4. Understand UK tax and incentives

The United Kingdom boasts one of the globe’s most competitive tax systems, characterised by straightforward and transparent corporate tax regulations.

5. Establish a base for business in the UK

The United Kingdom offers uncomplicated procedures and incentives designed to assist businesses in their establishment and growth.

6. Hire skilled workers for your UK operations
The United Kingdom boasts a top-tier talent pool and business-friendly employment regulations. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to bring in employees from other nations through an adaptable visa system.
7. Understand the UK’s legal framework
The United Kingdom’s straightforward and lucid legal framework contributes to its ranking as the seventh most business-friendly location globally, as per the World Bank.

Choose a company structure that suits your needs


Private Limited Company
Undoubtedly, the prevailing choice for company formation in the UK is the private company limited by shares, often referred to as a limited company. Its primary objective is profit generation and its subsequent distribution to shareholders. The primary benefit of this corporate structure is the safeguarding of shareholders’ personal assets, as their liability is confined to the value of the shares they hold.

Limited Liability Partnerships ( LLP )

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are gaining popularity, especially among professionals and consultants seeking the flexibility of a traditional partnership while enjoying the advantages of limited liability. Rapid Formations offers swift and hassle-free online LLP company formation, with complete Companies House approval within 3 to 6 working hours.


Guarantee Company
A Limited by Guarantee company closely resembles a standard limited company, with the distinction that it lacks shareholders. Instead, it relies on guarantors who commit to providing a specified amount of money in the event of the company’s dissolution. This corporate structure is typically preferred by non-profit organizations like clubs, associations, and charities.

The Export Journey

Whether you’re embarking on your initial steps or aiming to expand your export business, Export Britain is your partner throughout your export journey. Follow these steps to uncover essential insights and discover the guidance and assistance available to you.

How we help

We have the capability to link you with The Department for International Trade, which aids foreign companies in locating and expanding within the United Kingdom. Situated in British embassies, high commissions, and consulates across the globe, they house the investment services team, and they can provide the following services:
Help you to build connections with businesses across your sector
Assist with visa applications and other immigration issues
Help you find grants and incentives to help your business to grow
Advise on hiring staff, from salary benchmarking through recruitment and training
Help you build up your own company in the United Kingdom
Share insights into specific markets based on your needs