Hire skilled workers for your UK operations

The UK has a world-class pool of talent and business-friendly employment laws. You can also bring employees to the UK from other countries through a flexible visa system.

The UK's flexible employment laws

The UK’s straightforward and flexible employment laws protect and promote the interests of employees. These laws help businesses to hire and manage the right people with the right skills as and when they need them.

Employers have statutory responsibilities to make sure their employees have a right to work in the UK. Specific employment laws cover minimum entitlements to working conditions, pay and leave.

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Services to help you find the right UK staff for your business

Many companies in the UK can offer advice in relation to employing staff and recruitment support. The UK government is working in partnership with the following companies;

Employment costs in the UK

The UK operates a National Minimum Wage to encourage people to work and prevent businesses from using low wages to compete unfairly.

There’s also a National Living Wage, which applies to those aged 25 and over.

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National Insurance must be paid for (or in respect of) all employees. As an employer you’ll have to pay 13.8% in addition to the 12% payable by employees for earnings over 112 GBP per week.