Service Address

Frequently Asked Questions

A director, company secretary and a person with significant control (e.g. a shareholder who owns more than 25% of the company’s shares) are required to provide a service address.

A service address is the official address of a company director, secretary or a person with significant control (e.g. a shareholder). It is where he or she will receive personal statutory mail and legal notices from Companies House and HMRC.

Yes. Many company officers supply a single address for use as their residential address and service address. There is no requirement to provide two separate addresses; however, using your home address for both will result in a loss of confidentiality because the service address is listed on public record to allow people to contact you on all matters relating to the company.

Yes, the same address can be used as a service address and a registered office, but remember: a registered office address must be situated in the same UK jurisdiction in which a company is incorporated.

Yes, as long as it is an effective address where you can be contacted by Companies House and any third party regarding company matters

There is no need for the service address to be in the UK. The service address merely needs to be an effective address, and this can be in the UK or overseas.

A service address is an official address of an individual company officer and is listed on the public register. A business/trading address is typically where a company conducts its business, and it is the address given to clients, suppliers and other business contacts.

Investors in UK can provide a service address for you at our locations in London and Glasgow. These addresses can be added to our company formation packages or purchased for an existing company after incorporation.