With valuable business opportunities and attractive investment returns, Scotland has the perfect blend of talent, innovation, and financial and renewable resources to help your business prosper.

Scotland is a cost-effective home for your business with a range of skills and opportunities to help you expand and grow. It has a welcoming business environment, diverse industries, vibrant cities, and stunning landscapes. Scotland’s tradition of innovation is matched by excellent supply chain infrastructure and networks.

Expanding your business

Scotland is a perfect location for your business. More overseas businesses chose Scotland as a location than any other UK nation or region outside London in 2020.

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen are all in the UK’s top 10 locations for foreign direct investment, with digital technology, agri-food and business services leading the way.

Investing capital

People want to live in Scotland and businesses are thriving, attracted by the heritage of innovation and low business rates. In 2017, there was an 8.2% total return from capital and rental growth in Scotland, compared with 5.9% across the rest of the UK.

Buying goods and services

Scotland is so much more than its traditional image. While Scotch whisky and salmon are 2 of the UK’s largest food and drink exports, Scotland also produces more small satellites than any other country in Europe.

It is the UK’s second-largest financial centre after London and has been at the vanguard of video game production for 20 years, including the worldwide success of Grand Theft Auto.

Number 1

most attractive nation or region for investment outside London for the seventh consecutive year (EY Attractiveness survey 2020) .


of the top 10 UK cities for foreign direct investment. (EY Attractiveness Survey 2020).

Top 10

in the FDI European regions/nations of the future report 2020/2021.

Over 50%

of Scotland’s working population has gone through further education.


higher education institutions – one of the highest concentrations in Europe.

£85 billion

in exports beyond Scotland in 2018 – 60% to the UK, 21% to the rest of the world, and 19% to the European Union.

Strategic markets

Data, digital and technology

With more than 21,000 graduates per year from business-related courses and a further 16,000 in computer sciences and technology, Scotland has a steady stream of talent to support your business.

Clean tech, renewables and oil and gas decommissioning

Scotland is home to the world’s first tidal array, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, and one of Europe’s largest hydrogen bus fleets.

Healthcare, life sciences, and medtech

Scottish digital health companies have access to extensive data sets across clinical pathways such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and genomics. These companies can develop data-driven, patient-focused digital solutions that can benefit healthcare providers and patients around the world.

Case study

JP Morgan

Edinburgh has proven to be the ideal location for JP Morgan’s wealth management business. With more than $18 trillion in assets under custody and $393 billion of assets under administration, the business is thriving, with many of the roles relocating to Edinburgh from Geneva and London.