Aerospace in the UK

UK aerospace is Europe’s leading aerospace manufacturing nation, second only in the world to the United States. The sector supplies high-value, high-tech components for almost every major aircraft platform.

An overview of the Aerospace industry in the UK

With close to 3,000 companies across the UK, our aerospace sector makes a significant contribution to the UK economy. In particular, it:

  • generates over 31 billion GBP in turnover
  • exports over 90% of its production directly employs over 128,000 people with 26,000 in research, design and engineering

In 2010 the UK government, in partnership with the aerospace industry, created the Aerospace Growth Partnership. The partnership aims to:

  • ensure that the UK remains the number one aerospace manufacturer in Europe
  • support UK companies to broaden and diversify their customer base
  • provide long-term certainty and stability to encourage industry to develop technologies for the next generation of aircraft

Through the Aerospace Technology Institute, the UK government is funding research and development of 3.9 billion GBP to maintain the growth of the sector. Aerospace is an industry driven by technology. Providing a long-term commitment to the level and availability of funding gives industry the certainty it needs to invest in the UK and is critical in protecting the nation’s international competitiveness.